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Let your clients enjoy "La Dolce Vita" in Italy with our Italien partner DMC EspressoXperience. The destination management company is part of the biggest Italian MICE market group STAFF ITALIA and well-connected within the industry with their offices in Milan, Florence and Rome, making it easy to also offer you MICE-related services in Sardinia and Sicily. 

Extraordinary venues, thematic routes and tailor-made travel experiences are the trademark of EspressoXperience. Exclusive service, authentic programmes, special locations and special people that support you at every step of the way leave your clients with unforgettable memories. The experienced team members are used to catering to a multitude of different needs and are able to offer you all you need, be it exclusive and intimate incentives or product launches. The incoming agency / DMC in Italy is driven by people who boast a vast knowledge of their destination and who are doing what they love best using state-of-the-art technology. Clients benefit from a high service quality and clever solutions für unique MICE projects!

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Italy has always been at the top of MICE favourites: its place in history, the delicious cuisine, its role in the fashion industry and last but not least its beautiful coastline with the magical beaches, mountain ranges and countless ancient sites from Roman times make it an irresistable visitor magnet and a true highlight for incentives. The country offers more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country in the world!

Rome, the Eternal City, is known for its colloseum, the Roman forums and the many other historic monuments that create this magical atmosphere. Rome is a museum with the sky as its roof. No matter whether you are looking for elegant locations in the city centre or beautiful palaces, legends and history come to life here when you pass through twenty-five centuries of architecture and art. Include this atmosphere in your events and make them unique!

With cities like Florence which are as beautiful as they are historically fascinating, or the romantic Venice, the Courtisan of Europe that is set in a lagoon, Italy definitely scores for your next MICE project. Venice consists of 118 islands connected through many canals, navigated by gondolas and bridges. Florence as Italy's embodiment of the renaissance is renowned for its poets, sculptors and artists - in fact, its proud heritage consists of more world-class art than many other countries! Its food and wine are so wonderful that the tag 'Fiorentina' has become an international label of quality.

Naples belongs to the most ancient cities in Italy and overlooks the Gulf and the Vesuvius - who would not want to organise an amazing sojourn or dramatic event here! This open-air museum enchants visitors with its little streets, hidden squares, magnificent churches and the scents of one of the most wonderful cuisines in the world! If you are looking for something intense, Naples is your city. Meeting and event organisers can find meeting and team building facilities in the town centre.
Turin is a  moving city that keeps reinventing itself. It used to have quite an industrial image but years of renovation, building and urban redevelopment have made the city into a culture & art hub. It has kept its traditions though and is proud of its cultural heritage that can still be seen and felt in its architecture, lifestyle and excellent cuisine. It used to be the capital of the Sabaudo state and has a well-preserved Baroque style historic center. Today, Turin is Italy's second most important industrial city.
Milan is the capital of fashion, design and culture but also of taste and fun - today it is one of the most modern cities in Italy. It is one of the major art cities and boasts attractions such as the magnificent gothic Duomo and many beautiful buildings, magnificent churches and museums. Of course it is without a doubt the fashion capital of the Italian shopping, and a true showcase for Italian design.
Your clients will enjoy the huge selection of flavours and tastes, with all of Italy’s regional cuisines richly represented. 
The hospitality of the yound and vibrant city of Bologna and its surroundings invite you to discover them little by little. The region is known to be the Italian capital of good food, car and bike sports – Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati - and the area of production of some of the best cheeses and hams in Italy. Surrounded by hills, the city centre of Bologna is still much as it was during the Renaissance: dusky red-coloured buildings, wide piazzas and arched porticoes with floors laid with marble. Bologna is perfect for wandering around on foot.
A trip and an event in this region allows you to get the best of Italy in an enchanting and relaxing environment.
The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has one of the richest historical and artistic traditions in the world. Sicily is a unique place full of art and archaeology, history, folklore and breathtaking scenery, an ancient land of myth and legend. Europe's highest active volcano Etna overlooks the island and beneath it you will find unspoilt landscapes, idyllic sea and beaches, vineyards as well as deep-rooted traditions that have remained unchanged over time - in fact, in over thirty centuries! Palermo is an exotic mixture of the many cultures that have influenced this place over the centuries.
The authentic Sicilian hospitality will make any MICE event unique.

Miles of silver-white sandy beaches, rocky coasts, bays, and gulfs: Sardinia is an island of mountains and hills where flamingos nest and offer spectacular pink displays. Scattered throughout the island are the ruins of thousands of tower-like “nuraghi” – homes of Sardinia’s former inhabitants. The Emerald Coast (La Costa Smeralda) in Northern Sardinia  has became famous all over the world.

Southern Sardinia is rich in beaches and dunes, marinas, coves and cliffs, natural caves and mine tunnels; a diadem of villages located on the sea. With its 1800 kilometres of coastline it is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of water sports, or incentive particpants who want to go on a quad tour or go biking through a unique landscape. Why not organise a jeep tour along the coast with a cheese tasting in the mountains with the shepherds? Sardinian cuisine is best known for grilled meats, but also rich in fish, seafood and crustaceans.
Sardinia: a paradise set in the middle of the sea, an oasis well worth discovering for a truly unique experience!