Our contribution

We at STR proMICE also leave an (ecological) footprint on our business trips:

True to our company slogan - Connect with Experience – we regularly travel on behalf of our DMC Partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in order to present you with the various possibilities the destinations have to offer you as MICE planners.

In addition to the personal exchange in your office, the implementation of fam-trips is an important part of our business. This way you can experience and evaluate personally the destinations and program elements presented by us for your upcoming MICE projects.

As you can imagine it is not possible to carry out these activities without leaving a footprint behind. Since they are part of our business model and our success, we can’t do without them and have already been planning these trips as efficiently as possible in the past.

We base our routing on the best possible logistics, use train connections as far as possible and team up with the DMCs in order to reduce the total number of these trips. In our office we work sustainably and use electricity from renewable resources (as of 2021), follow strict waste separation and work mostly digital.

From autumn 2020 we will be calculating the ecological footprint we produce and compensate it accordingly at "Hessen Forst" which is the state owned forestry.

Forests have a major impact on our climate - both on a global and local level. In total, German forests store 127 million tons (1) of carbon dioxide per year and make an important contribution to climate protection.

Through our commitment, we contribute to the preservation and care of the forests in our region, which have changed significantly in recent years due to drought and storms. Hessen Forestry maintains and manages the forests entrusted to them according to the principles of sustainability.

We encourage you to participate by using the emissions calculator to calculate the emissions of your project by yourself to enable you to offset this at “Hessen Forst”. With a contribution of only EUR 5, you can plant a tree!

Together with you, we ensure the sustainable continuation of nature as well as our business, hereby continuing to create unique but sustainable experiences for your customers and participants.

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