Hi Miro, hi Ante,

we are back in the office and I just wanted to write you and thank you one more time for all the support and the work you put into this project! It was a real pleasure for me working with you two! Miro, I’m so thankful to have had you with me and all your experience. You upgraded the whole trip with your knowledge and your creativity with an eye for the detail! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are one of the best partners I worked with so far!
Ante, I don’t know what it would have been without your contacts and without your understanding for the locals! You did a really good job and created the necessary conditions in order to make it a smooth trip! What I would like to mention one more time is that I would really appreciate it if we could work on other projects in the future.
Well, my dear Miro and Ante, that’s it for now.
I hope you enjoy the last days of summer and that we will be in contact for another project very soon!

Kind regards
Vessela Ivanova, Eventives • Agentur für Events & Incentives GmbH